Beam Earrings by Nina Berenato Jewelry

Nina Berenato Jewelry

This earring is inspired by the color spectrum of light.

In the 17th century, Isaac Newton discovered that prisms could disassemble and reassemble white light, and described the phenomenon in his book Opticks. He was the first to use the word spectrum (Latin for "appearance" or "apparition") in this sense in print in 1671 in describing his experiments in optics. Newton observed that, when a narrow beam of sunlight strikes the face of a glass prism at an angle, some is reflected and some of the beam passes into and through the glass, emerging as different-colored bands.

•Handmade in Austin, TX by an all female team of makers.

•Finished in 14k yellow with the highest quality luxury finishing.

•Measure 4" long, straight stud back

•Faceted pastel quartz stones.


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